Final Rally in Vienna 1

Final Rally in Vienna On 20th May our Final Rally took place in Floridsdorf. We had several stations such as a mobile exhibition, a poem, a citymap and a city furniture group. A flashmob at the beginning of our rally made us all visible! A lot of people participated in our rally especially the people […]


Mămăligă, Bacalhau, Wiener Schnitzel? It’s all about food!

Mămăligă, Bacalhau, Wiener Schnitzel? It’s all about food!
Mobility Viseu, Ramnicu Valcea, Vienna|19.-23. Oktober 2014

During to our mobility we worked on our common topic „Food“.
As welcome presents the Viennese students prepared a little recipe books in which we will put our shared recipes.
In a speed dating session the students talked about their favourite meals and shared their approach to eating.
We built Towers of Babel and decorated them with food messages.
Thinking about stereotypes and clichés about our traditional cuisines we created city maps made out of food landscapes.
After filling in a questionnaire about eating habits, the students presented the results as human charts.
Our point of view tour showing the main sights of Vienna had a focus on “Street food and menus in Vienna”.
Our students participated in workshops concerning food/living/urban design in the city offered by students from the Technical University of Vienna, who built a visionary city model called Hypotopia.

Daniela Fröhlich