Cities for us – We make us visible!

Step 1: What is your ideal city?
Step 2: How well do you know your own city?
Step 3: Compare your city with the ideal one!
Step 4: We make us visible – a city for us!
Step 5: Transform your own city!

Common approaches for all partners classes

Photo project

City Map

1) Every school prints out a city map and makes it visible in the school. They also upload a digital city map.
2) During the progress of the project the students mark the spots of interests and draw new lines through the city (every topic gets one colour)
3) The new sustainable city map is presented, printed and for the final event a map for new orientation

Babel Myth

1) Information about the city and languages; Panels about the mythological representations of the city Babel
2) Building a model of the tower of Babel together with all partner classes the visit each other and cover it with some creative writing in different languages. After each twinning the tower of Babel grows.
3) Presentation of the four final models of the new towers of Babel


The partner classes choose different aspects of the topics below for transforming and creating!

(One or two main topics for every partner team)

Topics Colors for the map

Topic 1: Cultural dynamics ———————-red line

Topic 2: Architecture and Urbanism ————–grey line

Topic 3: Food ———————————–green line

Topic 4: Human Science ————————–yellow line

Topic 5: Infrastructure ————————-blue line