Cultural dynamics

Topic 1: Cultural dynamics

Myths & Legends
Cultural Identity
Cultural events

Step 1: September 13
What is the ideal city/situation?

Step 2: – June 14
How well do you know your own city?

Research and information via literature, articles, TV and internet, advertisement, travel guides
Interpretation of symbols
Interviews (video)
Observation and comparison

Step 3:
Comparison ofIdeal city/My city – Jun14
Outcomes (Step 4/Step 5) September 14-Jun15
Make yourself visible! Transform your own city!

A European anthology about city in poetry
(Poetry of the city anthology, panels and collection of the preferred poems and creations of the pupils – video on the Twinning space – reading and telling the poems of their partners)
Living legends; play scripts and theatre plays
Creative writing texts (SMS Poetry,…)
Flash mobs
Commercial video about the city (satirical one)
Dictionary for young people’s language/dialects
Cultural events from young people for young people